UCCS Roaring Fork Dining Hall
Colorado Springs, CO

2016 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
Colorado Design, Inc.
Tile & Terrazzo
Denver, CO

This delightful project presents a topographical map of the area 10,000 years ago. Its nine contrasting colors of epoxy terrazzo, with flowing streams and layered tones of the Rocky Mountains, collaborates well with other textures and surfaces for a cohesive whole. The beautifully executed 12,000-square-foot installation with 5,000 linear feet of aluminum divider strip flows seamlessly from the floor through the precast terrazzo stairs. Precast terrazzo shapes and embeds of solid or filled water-jet cut aluminum representing plant and animals, terrain, and human tools add elements of discovery and definition.


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Page Southerland Page and Christopher Carvell

Denver, CO

Braaksma Design Services

Denver, CO

General Contractor
Kiewit Construction Group

Englewood, CO

University of Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co.

Aggregate Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co.

Precast Supplier
Wausau Tile

Divider Strip Supplier
Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company

David Laudadio