2022 Honor Award Winner
The Artisan at Essex Crossing
New York, New York


Terrazzo Contractor
Imperial Flooring Systems, Inc.

Freehold, NJ

This elegant space is part of a major new mixed-income housing and commercial redevelopment project on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. A restrained, mosaic-style Palladiana pattern accentuates the commercial lobby space. Suzuko marble was waterjet-cut in alternating rectangles and attached to a mesh layout, then in-filled with micro-aggregate epoxy. The simpler residential lobby is distinguished by a sleek graphite epoxy with marble and glass aggregate, designed to complement other finishes. With a lustrous finish, the floors are set level with the sidewalk to obscure the boundaries of interior and exterior.

Handel Architects, LLP
New York, NY

General Contractor
Consigli & Associates, LLC
New York, NY

Site 4 DSA Owner LLC
Larchmont, NY

Resin Supplier
Key Resin Company

Aggregate Suppliers
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Precast Supplier
Angelozzi Precast Terrazzo Products, LLC

Divider Strip Supplier
Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company

Jon Lattin