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Soo Line Building
City Apartments

Minneapolis, MN
2015 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
Grazzini Brothers & Company
Eagan, MN

This historic Renaissance Revival-style building was renovated as a mixed-use luxury apartment complex. Over 7,500-square-feet of 3/8-inch epoxy in three classic patterns complement the contemporary space while meeting the challenge of maintaining the original integrity of the structure. The three-story lobby was restored to its original 1914 splendor with a floating white precast terrazzo staircase anchoring the space. Approximately 3,000 linear feet of 1/8-inch straight divider strip and over 1,700 linear feet of radius divider strip were installed, all custom mitered. Over 35,000 pounds of marble aggregate was integrated into the multiple monochromatic designs.

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  • photo - Eric and Stefano

BKV Group
Minneapolis, MN

General Contractor
Frana Companies
Hopkins, MN

Village Green Companies
Chicago, IL

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