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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Phoenix Sky Train
Terminal 3 Stations

Phoenix, AZ
2015 Job of the Year


Terrazzo Contractor
Fountain Valley, CA

This 24,000-square-foot commissioned public art project illustrates the design flexibility of terrazzo. The dynamic floor’s seven intense colors, 3D effects and graceful interplay of shapes over patterns are among the project’s many assets. In designs inspired by traditional Navajo pottery and weaving patterns, water-jet cutting replaced divider strips to separate colors. Over 5,000 torpedo shapes in five sizes were water-jet cut from precast terrazzo slabs and another 4,000 triangles cut from black granite and hand set. Precision was imperative in the project, especially in the diamond pattern, which required a higher number of linear feet of divider strip than square feet of terrazzo. The varied, abstract rings of the turquoise eyes of the flowers were hand-bent. With surrounding floor-to-ceiling glass, an epoxy mortar with a 1/8-inch in 10 feet tolerance was chosen to ensure a flat surface to clearly reflect light. While designed on a relatively small scale, the floor’s clean, modern patterns keep pace within the huge concourse. This project is a feat of master craftsmanship and achievement of design intent.

  • PHX Sky Train 001-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 002-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 003-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 004-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 005-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 006-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 007-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 008-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 009-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 010-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 011-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 012-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 013-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 014-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 015-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 016-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 017-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 018-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 019-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 020-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 021-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 022-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 023-opt
  • PHX Sky Train 024-opt

Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

City of Phoenix

Janelle L. Stanley
Phoenix, AZ

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Art Commission
The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture
Public Art Program
Phoenix Aviation Department

Aggregate Suppliers
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies
Continental Terrazzo Supply
EnviroGlas Products

Divider Strip Supplier
National Metal Shapes

General Contractor
McCarthy Kiewit JV
Phoenix, AZ

David Laudadio