Orange County Car Barn
Corradini Corp.
Fountain Valley, California
2010 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
Corradini Corp.
Fountain Valley, California

This elegant corporate office space is home to a large architectural firm. The building was remodeled with 5,400 square feet of epoxy terrazzo in four subdued, rich colors. Mother-of-pearl and silver-coated mirror aggregate reflect the abundant natural light from the five-story window wall, reinforcing the airiness of the atrium. This sophisticated yet simple design with its concentric and intersecting circles create integrated wayfinding to key areas of the building.

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Calvin L. Smith Associates, Inc.
Laguna Beach, California

Calvin L. Smith Associates, Inc.
Laguna Beach, California

General Contractor
Mike Townsend
Corona, California

Ronald Corradini
Newport Beach, California

Resin/Cement Supplier
Sherwin-Williams – General Polymers
Sylmar, California

Chip Supplier
Continental Terrazzo Supply, Inc.
Houston, Texas

Chip Producer
EnviroGLAS Products, Inc.
Garland, Texas

Chip Producer
Southern Aggregates
Staley, North Carolina

Chip Producer
TriVitro Corporation
Kent, Washington

Chip Producer
Heritage Glass, Inc.
Smithfield, Utah

Chip Producer
Cactus Canyon Quarries, Inc.
Marble Falls, Texas

Divider Strip Supplier
National Metal Shapes
Delaware, Ohio