Multimodal Transportation
Center and City Hall

Normal, IL
2013 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
Missouri Terrazzo
St. Louis, MO

Clean, classic lines throughout this centralized transportation hub complement the focal point: a rose logo with retro depictions of trains, buses, cars and pedestrians. The floor layout follows a radius design throughout, tying together both ramped floors and precast treads and risers. Crushed mirror in the aggregate blends adds glitz. This 12,000 square-foot, LEED Silver-certified installation of 3/8” epoxy terrazzo in nine colors is built to last 100 years.


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  • MultimodalTransportationCenter5
  • MultimodalTransportationCenter6

Cotter Consulting
Chicago, IL
RATIO Architects
Champaign, IL

General Contractor:
River City Construction
Peoria, IL


Town of Normal, Illinois
Normal, IL

Resin Supplier:
Terrazzo & Marble Supply

Aggregate Suppliers: 
Bilbrough Marble Division/TAA
Heritage Glass
Kafka Granite
Terrazzo & Marble Supply

Precast Products Supplier:
Wausau Tile, Inc.

Divider Strip Supplier:
Manhattan American Terrazzo
Strip Co.

Metal Art Work:
Creative Edge Master Shop

Mike Fetro