Art Special Award
Mukilteo Sounder Station
Mukilteo, WA
2011 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
General Terrazzo & Tile Co.
Renton, WA

The two earth canoes are beached at train tracks near the sea at Mukilteo. Countless hours of thought and planning were required to first form and then pour the solid cores of concrete that created the 27′ long sculptures that replicated the proportions of the original Salish canoe. The concrete was then thoroughly prepared to assure proper adhesion of the monolithic terrazzo. The challenge was to make the multiple small pours appear as a seamless solid block of terrazzo. The base mix included natural aggregates, clear glass, and mother of pearl. As the terrazzo was carefully placed on the surfaces, the artist gently pressed seashells, colored glass, and semi precious stones into the mortar. Painstaking hours of grinding were required to carve the detail and sleek lines of the craft. After meticulous grouting to hide the pour seams and minor blemishes, the polish revealed the fabulous boats. The sculptures serve as solemn reminders of a time when so much activity was on the sea.

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Linda Beaumont
Langley, WA

Sound Transit
Seattle, WA   

Aggregate Supplier
TriVitro Corporation
Kent, WA