Loder Residence
Laguna Beach, CA
2011 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
Fountain Valley, CA

The Mediterranean Villa architecture of this 14,000 square-foot luxury residence overlooking the Pacific Ocean called for the use of terrazzo with an old world design. The foyer uses black terrazzo with mother of pearl with a curving pattern of tumbled statuary white, hand-set, marble mosaics. Cast-in-place stairs lead to the main gallery, and into the ocean gallery where mosaics are used in a pulley system that wrap around water jet cut circles of statuary white marble with a 3/4″ thickness that was ground down in place to the elevation of the adjacent terrazzo. The mosaic pulleys cross over each other, demanding very precise cuts. The dining and living rooms have a black terrazzo border that includes lines of marble mosaics with an additional border of white marble. The bedroom hall is a terra cotta color terrazzo, with a mosaic pattern of rectangles and squares. The pattern is broken by a white marble border, which ties into the borders in the adjacent stone patio. Both the architect and owners are thrilled with the perfection of the terrazzo.

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