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Kelsey – Seybold Hospital Clinic
Pasadena, TX
2014 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
Southern Tile & Terrazzo Company
Houston, TX

Exceptionally clean, rich contrasting colors in warm, soothing earth tones stand out in this well executed and meticulous design. Chosen for its durability and ease of maintenance, terrazzo leads the way in an elegant theme that responds perfectly to the structure’s architecture. The fully glassed, luminous rotunda of the main entry is marked by a series of circles, with a glass and mother-of-pearl aggregate mix that reflect light. A beautifully finished circular stairway of poured-in-place terrazzo treads, risers and stringers follow the curve of the rotunda.


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Houston, TX

General Contractor
Gamma Construction Company
Houston, TX


Health Care REIT
Toledo, OH

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Aggregate Suppliers
EnviroGlas Products
Fribel International

Divider Strip Supplier
Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company

Mark Dean Photography