Kalahari Resorts and Conventions
Pocono Manor, PA
2016 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
Yori Tile & Terrazzo
Allentown, PA

This 14,300-square-foot installation of epoxy terrazzo is a true show piece. The spectacular design in 32 colors depicts a multitude of water-jet cut African animals in minute detail. The sweeping curvilinear strip work creates a 3-D effect and displays impeccable workmanship. The animals are arranged to point the way to various areas of the ground floor lobby, and precast terrazzo stairs lead to an indoor water park. The stunning compass rose encircled by four water-jet cut elephants and an African circular pattern welcoming guests at the entrance is an iconic Kalahari piece.

  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono060-Pano-Edit-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono087-Pano-Edit 2-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono034-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono133-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono140-Pano-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono185-Edit-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono197-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono207-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono215-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono233-Pano-opt
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  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono255-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono261-Edit-opt
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  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono087-Pano-Edit-opt
  • Kalahari - Mt. Pocono275-opt
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Architectural Design Consultants
Lake Delton, WI

Natasha Lucke
Pocono Manor, PA

General Contractor
Kraemer Brothers
Plain, WI

Kalahari Resorts
Wisconsin Dells, WI

Resin Supplier
Master Terrazzo Technologies

Aggregate Supplier
Arim, Inc.

Precast Supplier
Wausau Tile

Divider Strip Suppliers
Creative Edge Master Shop

National Metal Shapes

Angle Eye – Jason Sandy

Julie Blackburn and Jim Guy