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2020 Honor Award Winner
Hudson Square Lobby

New York, NY


Terrazzo Contractor
Yorie Tile and Terrazzo, Inc.

Newark, NJ


The transformation of an old industrial site into a multi-use facility was accomplished using large-aggregate Palladiana and Venetian terrazzo with inlaid brass accents. The textured curves of the platform, benches, planters, and steps carve out a productive meeting space within lobby circulation, lending value to the property. Stair nosings render the appearance of a two-inch-thick slab, though the innovative design is achieved with a three-eighths-inch thin-set epoxy terrazzo system. The hand-broken marble was fractured, mounted, and installed offsite in numbered sheets, and reassembled onsite like pieces of a puzzle. The entire floor was ground and polished as a monolithic whole.

Architecture Plus
Information (A+I)
New York, NY

Terrazzo Contractor
Yorie Tile and Terrazzo, Inc.
Newark, NJ

General Contractor
JRM Construction
New York, NY

Hines Development Corp.
Houston, TX

Resin Supplier
Master Terrazzo Technologies

Aggregate Supplier

Divider Strip Supplier
National Metal Shapes

Michael F. Blackburn