2022 Honor Award Winner
Hotel Ibis City Center
Bucharest, Romania


Terrazzo Contractor

Bucharest, Romania

This innovative use of terrazzo begins with four classic colors installed in three distinct areas of this new hotel. The reception area’s sophisticated marble aggregate mix includes 25-30 percent of number three chips and five percent of number four. In the lobby, the terrazzo craftsmen drew by hand a 500-square-foot grid for the precise hand-placement of the 8,000 brass rings in the floor. The epoxy was then poured in and around the two-inch-diameter rings. The pattern continues into the elevator cabs with the colors inverted.

Arhi-Grup S.R.L.
Bucharest, Romania

General Contractor
BTD Construct S.R.L.
Bucharest, Romania

Dentotal Hospitality S.R.L.
Bucharest, Romania

Cristian Vasile