2020 Honor Award Winner
Fairforest Middle School
Spartanburg, SC


Terrazzo Contractor
David Allen Company

Raleigh, NC


The sun and its planets, including Jupiter’s spot and Saturn’s rings, are found in this high-impact astronomy-themed floor of a new school with a 100-seat planetarium. Asteroids and stars are represented by glow-in-the-dark terrazzo, and orbit rings are represented by divider strips. Cast aluminum labels for the planets and a NASA satellite are also inset in the floor. The curving corridor that crosses the school features a sine-wave in the terrazzo. The glossy 18-color epoxy terrazzo installation also includes two flights of self-supporting terrazzo stairs.

McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture
Spartanburg, SC

Terrazzo Contractor
David Allen Company
Raleigh, NC

General Contractor
McKnight Construction
Augusta, GA

Spartanburg School District 6
Roebuck, SC

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companie

Aggregate Suppliers
Justice Products
(Southern Aggregate)
Klein & Co.

Precast Supplier
Tectura Design, a Wausau
Tile Inc. Brand

Divider Strip Supplier
Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company

David Laudadio