2022 Honor Award Winner
Eureka High School
Eureka, Missouri


Terrazzo Contractor
Missouri Terrazzo

St. Louis, MO

This welcoming new STEM addition on this 112-year-old campus consists of clean lines, and a crisply patterned epoxy terrazzo floor. The classic terrazzo design in four muted tones with glass and marble aggregate and aluminum divider strips showcases the Wildcat mascot in school colors. The most technically demanding elements of this eye-catching installation were the well-executed poured-in-place handicapped accessible ramp, the short walls, and 20-foot-long tread and risers. The entire area was troweled, ground, grouted, and polished by hand.

Dickinson Hussman Architects
St. Louis, MO

General Contractor
K&S Associates, Inc.
St. Louis, MO

Rockwood School District
Eureka, MO

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Aggregate Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies

Precast Supplier
Wausau Tile

Divider Strip Supplier
Manhattan American Terrazzo Strip Company

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