Corporate Office
Special Art Award
2013 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
David Allen Company
Raleigh, NC

In the expansion of this major corporate office building, epoxy thin-set terrazzo was used in a coffee lounge and dining area for employees, a total of 7,600 square feet. The leadership team chose an illustrious art installation using images from behind the scenes in research and development to celebrate their workforce and technology.  The shapes and designs in the floor were blended on site by hand, drawing upon the expertise of artists and terrazzo mechanics working together to produce a collaborative installation. The figures were encapsulated in bold black plastic divider strips.  Final details of small reflections on metal and glass parts of the equipment were extracted using Dremel tools and filled with contrasting epoxy resin.


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CRB Consulting Engineers
Cary, NC

Vickie Wilson
Garner, NC

General Contractor
DPR Construction
Morrisville, NC

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Terrazzo & Marble Supply

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