2019 Honor Award Winner
Alief ISD Career Center

Houston, TX

Terrazzo Contractor
Southern Tile & Terrazzo Company, Inc. • Houston, TX

This is a traditional sand cushion terrazzo installation in four colors. The slab was recessed three inches. The subtle terrazzo design successfully complements the scale of the space without overstatement. A series of bands and squares incorporate the school colors in the monolithic design with marble and glass aggregate. Numerous poured-in-place steps also provide a visual contrast with colors alternating at the steps and ramps, in this durable, low-maintenance flooring set to last the life of the building.

PBK Architects
Houston, TX

Terrazzo Contractor
Southern Tile & Terrazzo-
Company, Inc.
Houston, TX

General Contractor
Drymalla Construction Co., Inc.
Columbus, TX

Alief ISD

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble-
Supply Companies

Aggregate Suppliers
Cactus Canyon Quarries, Inc.
Continental Terrazzo Supply, Inc.
Justice Products/Southern Aggregates

Divider Strip Suppliers
Manhattan American-
Terrazzo Strip Company
National Metal Shapes, Inc.

Mark Dean Photography