The NTMA Accredited Education Program is a voluntary program for contractors who wish to obtain a professional designation of quality and expertise. These companies have demonstrated their commitment to ensuring the highest standards within the terrazzo industry.

ComoanyAddressCity, State & ZipContact NamePhoneEmailWebsite 
American Marble Mosaic Company6314 St. Augustine St.Houston, TX 77021Robert Bertin(713) 747-7634, Fax (713) 747-2526rbertina@mericanmarble.com
TERRAZZO MASTERS an American Tile & Terrazzo Co. Brand124 N. Meadow St.Metairie, LA 70003Colin or Clyde Martin(504) 305-2935, Fax (504) 305-3371info@terrazzomasters.com
Associated Terrazzo Company, Inc.1991 Oakdale AvenueSan Francisco, CA 94124-2003Eddie Lourenco(415) 641-1995 or Mobile # (415) 672-3753,Fax (415) 641-1996epl@associatedterrazzo.com
CORRADINI Corp.10940 Kalama River Ave. Fountain Valley, CA 92708Chris Corradini(323) 221-3191 or (800) 782-9252 Fax (323) 221-0188chrisc@corradinicorp.com
Grazzini Brothers And Company1175 Eagan Industrial RoadSt. Paul, MN 55121Gregory P. Grazzini(651) 452-2700 or (651) 452-1201 Fax (651) 452-2701ggrazzini@grazzini.com
Southern Tile & Terrazzo Co., Inc.6829 LindberghHouston, TX 77087Michael Maraldo(713) 649-2434 Fax (713) 649-6141mmaraldo@southerntileterrazzo.com
T. B. Penick & Sons, Inc.15435 Innovation Dr., Ste. 100San Diego, CA 92128Frank Klemaske(800) 239-3046 Fax (858) 558-1881frank@tbpenick.com