Norfolk International Airport
Norfolk, VA
2017 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
David Allen Company
Raleigh, NC

Evoking a maritime theme, the focal point of this 70,000-square-foot epoxy renovation is the detailed astrolabe quadrant feature on the concourse floor, echoed by over two dozen other astrolabe features and formed in aluminum and zinc divider strips. Arcs radiate down the concourse and fluid lines, bearing out the water theme, reinforce traffic patterns. A simpler staggered accent band pattern adds movement, all in rich, simple neutrals.

Gresham Smith & Partners

Richmond, VA

General Contractor
Clancy & Theys

Newport News, VA

Norfolk Airport Authority
Norfolk, VA

Resin Supplier
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co.

Aggregate Suppliers
Justice Products
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co.

Divider Strip Supplier
National Metal Shapes

David Laudadio