Aldine Independent School District
Houston, TX
2017 Honor Award Winner


Terrazzo Contractor
Southern Tile & Terrazzo Company
Houston, TX

This 65,000-square-foot  sand-cushion terrazzo installation in a new school is eye catching and functional. Providing ease of maintenance, durability and long-lasting life cycle properties, terrazzo defines all essential requirements of a hard surface floor. Three colors of terrazzo, accented by a red square motif, are pure and consistent. The cement terrazzo utilizes a traditional grid pattern that is formed by one and one-quarter-inch by 16 gauge and back-to-back 16 gauge zinc divider strips.

Molina Walker Architects
Houston, TX

General Contractor
Purcell Construction
Humble, TX

Aldine Independent School District
Houston, TX

Aggregate Suppliers
Cactus Canyon Quarries

Continental Terrazzo Supply
Justice Products
Terrazzo & Marble Supply Co.

Divider Strip Supplier
Manhattan American Terrazzo  Strip Co.

David Laudadio